2013, for You and Me!!

6 Jan

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading. I decided this year I would dedicate more time and effort into writing and thinking creatively. I’ve made a lifelong goal to constantly evolve and learn and grow. So this will be a part of my journey. I hope you enjoy the ride!

So what’s new in this year? For me, it’s the newfound addiction I have to Glee. Who knew that the new and improved “High School Musical” could be so great?! Okay actually a lot of people knew and I was simply behind the curve on this one. Rachel looks phenomenal this season and I enjoy watching a show that is more positive than negative. Sidebar: how does Kate Hudson look THAT good after 2 babies??? I need whatever water she’s drinking! But I digress,….if you haven’t watched Glee from the beginning I would very highly recommend checking it out.

Also new for me in 2013 is and will be my career. I quit my full-time job so that I could focus on interviewing for my next position in marketing. I was losing steam while I was working a full-time graveyard shift. I applaud anyone who can work graveyard with ease and I will never take regular hours (meaning anytime between morning and evening) for granted again. This is not to say that regular hours would be limited to 8 hours. I’m ready, willing, and able to put in as many hours as necessary when I land that gig of mine. The real question becomes, “Who will the winning company be?” Trust me, I’m a very humble woman, but I also know my strengths and one of them is being a dynamite employee. Now I just need to be given the chance to shine. Stay tuned for updates.

Come along with me while I venture this new year we’re in and explore the life of the hopelessly devoted. Happy New Year!

Glee Season 4 cast


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