Love Affair

8 Jan

I have an honest to goodness love affair with makeup. I call it an affair because I’m willing to sacrifice sleep and time to spend it on makeup. Whether I’m having a night out with friends, getting ready for work, or if I’m going to the store to buy toilet paper, I take the time to open up my makeup case and spend quality time with her.

So many people assume that those who put on makeup everyday must not think they have natural beauty. There’s always talk that if a girl (or boy!) wears makeup on a regular basis, it must be due to insecurity or because they look terrible without makeup. I assure you, this is not the case. Notice the “About Me” section and my esthetics license credentials and you will hopefully properly assume that I practice and I preach proper skincare (which means a natural face is a thing of beauty). I never go to sleep without washing off my face (seriously, NEVER!). I actually think that my face looks fine without makeup and it’s not to say that I WOULDN’T go out of the house without makeup, but I choose not to. Now if I am running to the gym, do I put on my foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, and my false eyelashes? No. Why? Because that’s impractical. I do believe that less is more, but more can be fun! Even some eyebrow pencil and a smidgeon of mascara can make an already pretty eye stand out and look bright.

That’s why makeup is such a beautiful thing. Today I can go for the frosted “winter” look, tomorrow the brown smokey eye, and on the weekend bright pink lips and natural brown eyes. It’s like having a brand new blank canvas every day, sometimes more than once per day.  If you love to put on makeup and try out new techniques and styles you really should do what you find passion in. Just make sure you realize the beauty in that canvas and everything you do from that blank slate enhances what you already have.

That’s just my 2 cents,….


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