16 Jan

One of the resumes that I sent in today asked for a cover letter that stood out. They said a short story could do the trick or a poem but uniqueness was definitely encouraged.

I was thinking to myself, “Self, what would really standout?” Self: “Your fat story?” So, I contemplated on my short story of being 300 lbs at one point and the journey on that road. But then I quickly realized that’s not so much of a short story as it is a novel. Then I invoked inspiration from what I’ve been doing since I have been on the unemployed track and a great poem idea came to mind. TV!! Inspiration from obscene amounts of television! Who says it kills brain cells??

Albeit super corny and cheesy (mind you, I threw it together in minutes), it also made me crack a smile. I would never submit this for a poetry competition but my aim was to stand out and I think it might work.


I’ll be making waves,
Inspiration for days.
Charisma with ease,
Humble indeed.
Full of personality,
I’m worth the salary.
A true fashion strutter,
I’m like no other.
I’m here to open doors.
Sincerely yours, Vanessa.



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