WORTH IT, Part Deux

22 Jan

If you happened to read my “WORTH IT” post and were curious as to the outcome, I can happily say that I was asked to come in for an interview today. Since the minute I sumbitted my resume, cover letter, and fantastic poetry, it was an easy flow of conversation between myself and my interviewer (who shall remain nameless – don’t want them to feel OBLIGATED to hire me out of fear from a scandalous blog post!). It was just as simple, on my end, when I arrived for my interview. It was a quick “Hi, I’m Vanessa.” “Hi, I’m _____”, where we proceeded to the conference room and had more of a chat rather than an interview. Even though I literally just got there minutes prior and I met this person 5 seconds ago, it felt like we had similar mindsets. I wanted the job, he wanted a capable person, he read my resume and liked it, I saw the building and knew what they were about and I liked them. So many interviewers these days have these “standard” interview questions that are so mindless and it was refreshing to just be myself for once. The informal interview went very quickly and the next candidate was sitting outside when I left. I tried to tell them to just tell her to go home, but for some reason they didn’t take my advice. She couldn’t POSSIBLY have as great of an interview as me,…right?! Regardless, I was polite and friendly and I passed by her with a smile and walked to my car feeling hopeful and positive overall.

Now back to my emails, blogs, and social media mayhem. Stay tuned for results from my “WORTH IT” interview,…..


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