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Product Review: Elta MD UV Daily

2 Jul

I was fortunate enough to try a sample of Elta MD’s UV Daily moisturizer and quickly realized that UV Daily is a FANTASTIC product.

Not only do I have the luxury of sampling many skin care products due to my industry, but I know enough about skin care to know when it’s all talk and no walk. Elta MD talks the talk and walks the walk.

My skin tends to border on combination/oily, but the desert air lends to a dry condition – which makes it difficult to find a moisturizer to combat all of my skin’s needs. UV Daily not only provides the sun protection that I need in the Las Vegas heat, but it moisturizes my skin without leaving that greasy feeling behind.

I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for an spf that packs a higher punch than the “usual” spf15 that I see in a majority of the skin care products today. Elta MD is a great all-around product and their line has a product for every skin type and most skin conditions that I could see. The team that created this product clearly knows their skin care. EltaMD-EltaMD-UV-Daily-SPF-40-228x228