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Tech is Booming in Las Vegas

6 Jul

Las Vegas is more than just neon lights and slot machines. The Nevada city is undergoing a tremendous tech boom, and you have to be in the know in order to get ahead. That’s why technical recruiters in Las Vegas are so crucial: They can stay ahead of the curve, connecting people to the right jobs in all areas of tech.

The Revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas

One of the ways that Las Vegas is blossoming as a tech destination is through the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas. The international architectural firm RKTL is at the helm for a grand re-imagining of the area, which was once the hub for the city. In this future vision, tech plays a large role. In everything from planning to outfitting new office buildings, there are available positions with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology.

Infrastructure Investments in Las Vegas

Beyond just Downtown Las Vegas, Sin City is receiving substantial investments into its infrastructure. A decade ago, immediately following the recession, such an investment was just a dream. Now, it’s undeniably a reality. To accommodate to the rush of tech employees gravitating to Las Vegas, there is a need for better roads, airports and housing to accommodate them all. Internet access and utilities, too, need an upgrade. All of this means more careers in tech to facilitate a better environment for current and future Vegas residents.

The Appeal of Las Vegas for Tech Companies

There is a reason that companies like Tesla, Switch, Amazon, and Zappos choose to operate in Las Vegas. The city is incredibly accommodating to tech companies, and there is a tremendous workforce available. The overall low cost of living also means the city is attractive to those from out of the state.

Although there is so much opportunity in Las Vegas, forging the right connections can be tough. Hiring managers may not uncover the tech talent already in the area, and aspiring employees may struggle to get their resumes read by the right people. A technical recruiter solves both problems, offering the connection necessary to bring together jobs and employees in tech.


Why ‘Women in Tech’ is Important

26 Jun

The technology industry may be dominated by men, this is a fact, but women are also incredibly important to this expanding sector. Women in tech can add valuable contributions that improve products, services, work environments and customer satisfaction. Recruiting women in tech is a hot-button topic, and it is more important than ever before.

Products and Services are More Likely to Appeal to Women

Tech products don’t just sell to men. In fact, women are often trendsetters, and what appeals to them most may become the market leader. When developing new products or services, tech companies should aim to have teams made up of both men and women. This way, women can ensure that the finished product appeals to a big portion of the potential market.

Securing the Best Talent Available – Regardless of Gender

In the world of tech, talent is a key resource. Finding the best talent, and then harnessing their skills, is the objective of every major player in the industry. If recruiters are limiting their scope to men, then they could be missing out on some of the most talent tech professionals out there. Widening the hiring pool means more potential talent in every firm.

Diverse Environments Means Diverse Approaches to Problem Solving

When only men are involved in the creation of new tech products and services, they aren’t able to address the issue in a diverse way. The tech developments that have the biggest impact on the world actually impact men and women alike. For that reason, having both genders in the creative process is hugely important.

Women in Tech Set the Precedent for Future Generations

The reality is that women in tech is good for business. Beyond the increase in talent and a more diverse workforce, however, more women in tech also sets a precedent for future generations. They say that young people only want to achieve what they can see, so it’s critical for them to see powerful, successful women in the world of tech.

Whether it is program management, business dev analysis, or programming, tech is a field where women can excel. Having women in tech is good for profits, good for the tech industry and good for our future generations.

Technical Recruiting

12 Jun

Trying to find a new or different career in tech? Finding a career in the world of tech may not be challenging, but finding the RIGHT career for you, may be. While there are many positions available, the industry is competitive and you need to stand out and impress hiring managers. Working with a technical recruiter is your way to get your resume in front of the right person. Don’t let your applications fall into the abyss of the internet. You can get scheduled for meaningful interviews and create the right connections when you have a technical recruiter on your side.

Want the run down on technical recruiting? Here are some key facts you should know as you begin your job search.

Technical Recruiters vs. Non-Specialized Recruiters

Whether you’re looking for a niche career path or you’re struggling to find the right career in your field, turning to a recruitment professional is a logical choice. Although some job applicants believe all recruiters are essentially the same, the fact is that tech recruiters have a unique skill set. Not only are they familiar with the tech jobs in your area and what companies are hiring, they likely have a familiarity with the tech industry. They will be able to “speak your language” to a certain degree and they will be able to discern the right job based on your skill set. Technical recruiters will understand the culture fit that works for both you and your future employer. Truth is, working with a technical recruiter makes for a better chance of getting you the job you truly want.

Crafting a Tech-Friendly Resume

One of the many responsibilities of a technical recruiter is ensuring that their candidates resume is “user-friendly”. Along with routine actions like checking for typos and grammatical errors, this involves creating a cohesive resume that will speak to tech professionals. Resume formatting is key, but make sure you are using buzz words in the right places (usually at the top). A technical recruiter knows what a strong tech resume should look like. Reach out and ask!

Tech Recruiters Handle the Networking for Candidates

Even when you have the right experience, the right credentials and the right work ethic, turning a collection of traits into a secure job offer isn’t easy. Technical recruiters work hard to network for you, ultimately putting you in touch with hiring managers and companies that are looking for your unique set of tech skills and abilities.

 Recruiters are Advocates for Their Clients

Even if you are starting the job search on your own, working with a technical recruiter will almost certainly improve the kind of package you receive. A recruiter is your advocate, they have exclusive job opportunities with their clients that you may never see, and they will negotiate your salary for you and highlight the reason why you are the right candidate for the job.

Using a technical recruiter is a smart and savvy way to enter a competitive job market. Connect with me today and let me help with your tech job search in Las Vegas!

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Elated, Ecstatic, Joyful, Jubilant

23 Jan

You know how Facebook asks you, “What’s happening, (insert name here)?” in your status bar? I was about to update my status when I realized that I am having a hard time putting a statement that applies to my current emotional state. Okay, yes, I went to a thesauras to find all of the synonyms I could for the word “happy” because that word just didn’t seem like the right fit for the emotion I’m feeling at this moment. It always feels like I’m cheating when I have to go to a thesauras, but who am I trying to kid here, I needed a plethora of words!

I was so worried when I quit my job that I would have to look long and hard before the opportunity that I knew I deserved would come my way. I’m a natural worrier, so everyone who knows me will tell me I’m crazy for worrying, but it’s part of who I am. It’s been about 3 weeks since I quit my job and I got the most FANTASTIC news today. I am going to wait to deliver the news because it hasn’t QUITE settled in yet. Plus, I haven’t talked to my Dad yet and I’d just feel bad. But, let’s just say that I got the most fantastic news this afternoon.

All of the above words combined with relief are what’s going on with me right now. The fact that someone believes in me and what I can bring to the table, trusts that I provide value and knowledge, and they are something that I actually WANT to be a part of is an indescribable feeling.

So, while I get a grip on this opportunity (and yell at my Dad for never carrying his darn cell phone with him!) please enjoy this read and wait patiently for an update that could very well be the start of the next chapter in my life.


11 Jan

Vegas life can be fun and rewarding but oh so challenging! My interviews are going well and I’m happy to be back on the career path since I quit my “gig” so to speak.

I was working a full-time graveyard shift as a bartender and a cocktail waitress. I know what you’re thinking,”Why would someone with a college degree be bartending?” Trust me, I asked myself that daily. Also, believe me when I tell you that I’m not the only one. The truth is, in Vegas the money jobs are in the casinos. Bartenders and cocktail waitresses make a killing in this city. I was doing that to pay the bills while I went on interviews, but the pay was either less than what I was making at the casino or they just didn’t fit the bill. Well, I got to the point where it didn’t matter if the new job paid as much, I just wanted my career back.

I’m still doing my esthetic work on the side (mainly makeup for photo shoots and waxing), but my full-time job for now is to get back on track. I know I can and I will find the right position for me and I look forward to that day when I accept an offer of employment doing something I have the intelligence and skill set for. While I’m interviewing and applying for jobs I am also brushing up on my social media and blogging skills. I have always loved to write and I love to interact with people, so it comes naturally to me. I’m also passionate about marketing and I have a knack for thinking of ideas to market companies and people but so far the interviews I’ve gone to haven’t seen this full package-yet!

The day will come when I’m blogging about life and work and family (can’t get to the family part until I check off the career box) and I eagerly anticipate that moment. For now, I’m living the Vegas life and hoping for the best.

2013, for You and Me!!

6 Jan

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading. I decided this year I would dedicate more time and effort into writing and thinking creatively. I’ve made a lifelong goal to constantly evolve and learn and grow. So this will be a part of my journey. I hope you enjoy the ride!

So what’s new in this year? For me, it’s the newfound addiction I have to Glee. Who knew that the new and improved “High School Musical” could be so great?! Okay actually a lot of people knew and I was simply behind the curve on this one. Rachel looks phenomenal this season and I enjoy watching a show that is more positive than negative. Sidebar: how does Kate Hudson look THAT good after 2 babies??? I need whatever water she’s drinking! But I digress,….if you haven’t watched Glee from the beginning I would very highly recommend checking it out.

Also new for me in 2013 is and will be my career. I quit my full-time job so that I could focus on interviewing for my next position in marketing. I was losing steam while I was working a full-time graveyard shift. I applaud anyone who can work graveyard with ease and I will never take regular hours (meaning anytime between morning and evening) for granted again. This is not to say that regular hours would be limited to 8 hours. I’m ready, willing, and able to put in as many hours as necessary when I land that gig of mine. The real question becomes, “Who will the winning company be?” Trust me, I’m a very humble woman, but I also know my strengths and one of them is being a dynamite employee. Now I just need to be given the chance to shine. Stay tuned for updates.

Come along with me while I venture this new year we’re in and explore the life of the hopelessly devoted. Happy New Year!

Glee Season 4 cast