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Dog Risks Her Life to Save a Kitten

22 Aug

Dog Risks Her Life to Save a Kitten

Pretty much the cutest article I’ve ever read in my life.

Read this if you need a little “awww” in your life!


Captain Adventures

16 Feb

What do you do when you foster a dog for a week and then fall in love with him? One guess….yep, you got it! You adopt him. When I decided to foster an abandoned dog it was because I had the time and the resources to do so, being that I was unemployed. What better time to be a foster parent, right?! Well, what I didn’t expect was to be given the best dog in the entire universe to foster. Little did I know that when I took this guy home, I would be met with an angel dog. I honestly thought he would be a 1 or 2 week project, but it was only a matter of time until he turned into much more than a project.

The dog I took home, Captain, has part Shih-Tzu and part Dauschund blood. I’ve never had a mixed dog before, nor have I ever taken care of a rescue before. I was under the impression that he might be a little misbehaved due to abandonment or lack of routine. WRONG! The dog never barks, he’s fully potty trained, plays well with animals and humans, and he loves to snuggle.

After making the decision to keep him (there was no chance I could let someone else take care of this dog when I fell in love), the first thing I did was get him groomed. He was even CUTER after he was washed and cut. All I ever hear from my friends now is how much they want to keep him. Well, TOO BAD! He’s alllll mine. I love that everyone can see just how fantastic he is and I know he feels the love since he’s not moving from home to home. He’s exactly where he should be, which is in my arms.

Post-haircut Captain

Post-haircut Captain

The best thing about Captain is that he made best friends with a stuffed panda. He literally takes the Panda everywhere with him – the bed, the couch, outside to potty, everywhere!! I went a little crazy with the toys because I wanted him to be happy, so I bought all sorts of goodies – balls, squeaky toys, Nyla-bones, the whole 9. He loves his Panda so much that he will “share” his toys with Panda.

How cute is that? It’s like he does cute things purposely to prove that I made the right decision. Every day he does something else that confirms my decision to keep him. It’s my first experience with adoption and rescue, but the best experience so far.

Panda enjoying the bone that Captain shared with him

Panda enjoying his bone that Captain shared

I continue to volunteer for Those Left Behind Foundation and some of the dogs there have the exact same story – cute, loveable, smart, and sweet – but unless people look past the scruff and the initial shyness these dogs have, they may never see the ‘Captain’ within.