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Under Pressure

1 Oct

I find myself with (finally) some time to add to my blog. It’s been far too long since I’ve had time to adequately devote myself to journaling/blogging for my own purposes. But, here I am, once again, ready to put all of my thoughts onto….a screen? Well, you know what I mean, I’m back!

What’s new with me?

-I have grown as a person, as a woman, and as a friend in leaps in bounds (just trust me on this one!)

-I still love Glee, but I’m heartbroken that Finn is actually dead. So sad!

-I got married!

What should I write about now that I have all of this extra time on my hands? I am open to suggestions and comments, so please use the boxes below and let me know if I could add any valuable Internet real-estate with my words of wisdom and/or experience on anything at all.

Until then,…I’ll rack my own brain for tidbits of info that may be useful to my group of readers. Feels good to be back!



2013, for You and Me!!

6 Jan

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading. I decided this year I would dedicate more time and effort into writing and thinking creatively. I’ve made a lifelong goal to constantly evolve and learn and grow. So this will be a part of my journey. I hope you enjoy the ride!

So what’s new in this year? For me, it’s the newfound addiction I have to Glee. Who knew that the new and improved “High School Musical” could be so great?! Okay actually a lot of people knew and I was simply behind the curve on this one. Rachel looks phenomenal this season and I enjoy watching a show that is more positive than negative. Sidebar: how does Kate Hudson look THAT good after 2 babies??? I need whatever water she’s drinking! But I digress,….if you haven’t watched Glee from the beginning I would very highly recommend checking it out.

Also new for me in 2013 is and will be my career. I quit my full-time job so that I could focus on interviewing for my next position in marketing. I was losing steam while I was working a full-time graveyard shift. I applaud anyone who can work graveyard with ease and I will never take regular hours (meaning anytime between morning and evening) for granted again. This is not to say that regular hours would be limited to 8 hours. I’m ready, willing, and able to put in as many hours as necessary when I land that gig of mine. The real question becomes, “Who will the winning company be?” Trust me, I’m a very humble woman, but I also know my strengths and one of them is being a dynamite employee. Now I just need to be given the chance to shine. Stay tuned for updates.

Come along with me while I venture this new year we’re in and explore the life of the hopelessly devoted. Happy New Year!

Glee Season 4 cast