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Solar Energy Powering California Homes – not a thing of the past!

13 Jun

Since I lived in the bay area for so many years, I am well aware of how “green” that community can be, not to mention how quickly the energy bills run high!

I have friends who are buying their new homes and/or already bought their new homes and contacted me to use my social media prowess to see what I could find in regards to solar power energy savings.

1st finding: they install solar panels that look great on MODERN homes these days. Click here to see great images: http://bit.ly/13EUXqb

2nd finding: the up-front cost is not NEARLY as much as the energy bills would cost for an entire year.

3rd finding: the solar power experts are few and far between, but landing on the right person saves California homeowners THOUSANDS of dollars and the savings get higher each year.

The best company that I could find through all of my research was Sierra Nevada Solar. Check them out here: http://bit.ly/13EUXqb

Hope this helps the Cali homeowners out there – I know my friends really appreciated the referral!

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