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2015 – Year in Review

28 Dec

This 2015 review will be short and sweet because that’s exactly what the year was for me. This year was the fastest year that I have experienced in recent memory. The truth though, is that I did not manage my time well this year, which made 2015 more challenging for myself than it needed to be and my need to control every.single.thing. was no help to the downward spiral of available time.

But then I remember that my goal in 2015 was to get fit after baby. I did that! I remember that I gained obscene amounts of weight with my pregnancy and I worked it ALL off in 2015, and then some. So, maybe I did manage my time well in that I set my goal and I met it…but my goal shouldn’t be my only focal point. Or should it?!

One of the things I hear about myself most often from friends and loved ones (the people who will tell me the REAL truth about myself) is that my ability to set a goal and crush it is admirable. I appreciate that insight because it’s something that I find to be an asset. However, at what point does that character trait inhibit my ability to find balance in all things in my life?

Did I devote too much time to working out and meeting my 2015 goal? I’m not sure that I did, but I’m not sure that I didn’t.

What I do know, however, is that my heart is more full at the end of 2015 than it was in the beginning. Feeling fat and out of shape put me in a bad mental state and I was less appreciative of all that I have in January than I am now. So, I guess that means 2015 was great.

My new goal for 2016 is exactly what I missed out on in 2015…time! I want to get off my butt for more than just exercise. I want to bake cookies with my son, I want to take my son to the park in 2016, I want to get my Christmas presents to my family and friends on time in 2016.

What about you? If you would be so willing, I would love to hear what your goals/hopes/dreams are for 2016!


Under Pressure

1 Oct

I find myself with (finally) some time to add to my blog. It’s been far too long since I’ve had time to adequately devote myself to journaling/blogging for my own purposes. But, here I am, once again, ready to put all of my thoughts onto….a screen? Well, you know what I mean, I’m back!

What’s new with me?

-I have grown as a person, as a woman, and as a friend in leaps in bounds (just trust me on this one!)

-I still love Glee, but I’m heartbroken that Finn is actually dead. So sad!

-I got married!

What should I write about now that I have all of this extra time on my hands? I am open to suggestions and comments, so please use the boxes below and let me know if I could add any valuable Internet real-estate with my words of wisdom and/or experience on anything at all.

Until then,…I’ll rack my own brain for tidbits of info that may be useful to my group of readers. Feels good to be back!



Dog Risks Her Life to Save a Kitten

22 Aug

Dog Risks Her Life to Save a Kitten

Pretty much the cutest article I’ve ever read in my life.

Read this if you need a little “awww” in your life!


Makeup and a Smile

2 Feb

Big hopes and dreams are part of my regular repertoire. This seemed very appropriate for my hopeful dreams that have been abundant today:

Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I’m just a girl who wishes for the world.” -Marilyn Monroe

WORTH IT, Part Deux

22 Jan

If you happened to read my “WORTH IT” post and were curious as to the outcome, I can happily say that I was asked to come in for an interview today. Since the minute I sumbitted my resume, cover letter, and fantastic poetry, it was an easy flow of conversation between myself and my interviewer (who shall remain nameless – don’t want them to feel OBLIGATED to hire me out of fear from a scandalous blog post!). It was just as simple, on my end, when I arrived for my interview. It was a quick “Hi, I’m Vanessa.” “Hi, I’m _____”, where we proceeded to the conference room and had more of a chat rather than an interview. Even though I literally just got there minutes prior and I met this person 5 seconds ago, it felt like we had similar mindsets. I wanted the job, he wanted a capable person, he read my resume and liked it, I saw the building and knew what they were about and I liked them. So many interviewers these days have these “standard” interview questions that are so mindless and it was refreshing to just be myself for once. The informal interview went very quickly and the next candidate was sitting outside when I left. I tried to tell them to just tell her to go home, but for some reason they didn’t take my advice. She couldn’t POSSIBLY have as great of an interview as me,…right?! Regardless, I was polite and friendly and I passed by her with a smile and walked to my car feeling hopeful and positive overall.

Now back to my emails, blogs, and social media mayhem. Stay tuned for results from my “WORTH IT” interview,…..

Those Left Behind

20 Jan

In my absence from the working world, I have found I can only do so much cleaning, organizing, and emailing of resumes. In lieu of a Saturday morning spent relaxing at home, I decided to spend my morning volunteering instead. It was so simple to volunteer for Those Left Behind Foundation ( http://www.tlbfoundation.org ), which was a breath of fresh air. I’ve tried volunteering before and I’m either faced with an encyclopedia length application and background check, or I must devote a large quantity of time for orientation and guarantee a set amount of hours to help. I started to feel as if it were more difficult to volunteer for a good cause than it was to get a job! Okay, maybe not, but you get the idea…

I found this opportunity to volunteer through Twitter. It was as easy as entering your zipcode to find events needing volunteers and you click to sign up. I showed up at the time that was posted online, introduced myself to the founders, and I was given a ‘Volunteer’ pin and direction on what was needed. It was that simple! Oh, you need a volunteer to help play with puppies?! OKAY!! Talk about a happy Saturday morning! Puppies galore and cute dogs that just want to play and be held until someone decides to adopt. It was pure joy for me to walk them, play with them, cuddle with them, and watch happy families adopt these abandoned little guys.

When I was about to go home, I decided to ask if I could volunteer regularly. Rae Erickson, COO and Founder of Those Left Behind, told me that they are having a hard time finding foster homes for the pups in between the adoption events. I figured since I am job searching right now, it is the perfect opportunity to really make a difference with my time. I didn’t even question the thought and told Rae I would be glad to help. I decided to foster Captain, an adorable 1-yr old Shih-Tzu/Dachshund mix that wasn’t adopted this round. The foundation provides all of the food and any medical assistance they may need during the time that I foster, so all it is costing me is my time and devotion. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

I love it when one spur-of-the-moment decision turns into an exhilarating life experience. I can’t help but smile thinking that this dog has a warm place to sleep, a bowl of food and water, and some fun and love instead of laying in a small cage somewhere before he gets adopted.

Well, I have a doggy to take care of so I better get to it!

**Adoption events are held every Saturday inside Petco located at 7731 W. Tropical Parkway, Las Vegas, NV, 89129  from 11A-4P**

One of the many puppies up for adoption.

One of the many puppies up for adoption.

Captain, the little guy I'm fostering for the next week, watching television

Captain, the little guy I’m fostering for the next week, watching television


16 Jan

One of the resumes that I sent in today asked for a cover letter that stood out. They said a short story could do the trick or a poem but uniqueness was definitely encouraged.

I was thinking to myself, “Self, what would really standout?” Self: “Your fat story?” So, I contemplated on my short story of being 300 lbs at one point and the journey on that road. But then I quickly realized that’s not so much of a short story as it is a novel. Then I invoked inspiration from what I’ve been doing since I have been on the unemployed track and a great poem idea came to mind. TV!! Inspiration from obscene amounts of television! Who says it kills brain cells??

Albeit super corny and cheesy (mind you, I threw it together in minutes), it also made me crack a smile. I would never submit this for a poetry competition but my aim was to stand out and I think it might work.


I’ll be making waves,
Inspiration for days.
Charisma with ease,
Humble indeed.
Full of personality,
I’m worth the salary.
A true fashion strutter,
I’m like no other.
I’m here to open doors.
Sincerely yours, Vanessa.