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Tech is Booming in Las Vegas

6 Jul

Las Vegas is more than just neon lights and slot machines. The Nevada city is undergoing a tremendous tech boom, and you have to be in the know in order to get ahead. That’s why technical recruiters in Las Vegas are so crucial: They can stay ahead of the curve, connecting people to the right jobs in all areas of tech.

The Revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas

One of the ways that Las Vegas is blossoming as a tech destination is through the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas. The international architectural firm RKTL is at the helm for a grand re-imagining of the area, which was once the hub for the city. In this future vision, tech plays a large role. In everything from planning to outfitting new office buildings, there are available positions with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology.

Infrastructure Investments in Las Vegas

Beyond just Downtown Las Vegas, Sin City is receiving substantial investments into its infrastructure. A decade ago, immediately following the recession, such an investment was just a dream. Now, it’s undeniably a reality. To accommodate to the rush of tech employees gravitating to Las Vegas, there is a need for better roads, airports and housing to accommodate them all. Internet access and utilities, too, need an upgrade. All of this means more careers in tech to facilitate a better environment for current and future Vegas residents.

The Appeal of Las Vegas for Tech Companies

There is a reason that companies like Tesla, Switch, Amazon, and Zappos choose to operate in Las Vegas. The city is incredibly accommodating to tech companies, and there is a tremendous workforce available. The overall low cost of living also means the city is attractive to those from out of the state.

Although there is so much opportunity in Las Vegas, forging the right connections can be tough. Hiring managers may not uncover the tech talent already in the area, and aspiring employees may struggle to get their resumes read by the right people. A technical recruiter solves both problems, offering the connection necessary to bring together jobs and employees in tech.


Technical Recruiting

12 Jun

Trying to find a new or different career in tech? Finding a career in the world of tech may not be challenging, but finding the RIGHT career for you, may be. While there are many positions available, the industry is competitive and you need to stand out and impress hiring managers. Working with a technical recruiter is your way to get your resume in front of the right person. Don’t let your applications fall into the abyss of the internet. You can get scheduled for meaningful interviews and create the right connections when you have a technical recruiter on your side.

Want the run down on technical recruiting? Here are some key facts you should know as you begin your job search.

Technical Recruiters vs. Non-Specialized Recruiters

Whether you’re looking for a niche career path or you’re struggling to find the right career in your field, turning to a recruitment professional is a logical choice. Although some job applicants believe all recruiters are essentially the same, the fact is that tech recruiters have a unique skill set. Not only are they familiar with the tech jobs in your area and what companies are hiring, they likely have a familiarity with the tech industry. They will be able to “speak your language” to a certain degree and they will be able to discern the right job based on your skill set. Technical recruiters will understand the culture fit that works for both you and your future employer. Truth is, working with a technical recruiter makes for a better chance of getting you the job you truly want.

Crafting a Tech-Friendly Resume

One of the many responsibilities of a technical recruiter is ensuring that their candidates resume is “user-friendly”. Along with routine actions like checking for typos and grammatical errors, this involves creating a cohesive resume that will speak to tech professionals. Resume formatting is key, but make sure you are using buzz words in the right places (usually at the top). A technical recruiter knows what a strong tech resume should look like. Reach out and ask!

Tech Recruiters Handle the Networking for Candidates

Even when you have the right experience, the right credentials and the right work ethic, turning a collection of traits into a secure job offer isn’t easy. Technical recruiters work hard to network for you, ultimately putting you in touch with hiring managers and companies that are looking for your unique set of tech skills and abilities.

 Recruiters are Advocates for Their Clients

Even if you are starting the job search on your own, working with a technical recruiter will almost certainly improve the kind of package you receive. A recruiter is your advocate, they have exclusive job opportunities with their clients that you may never see, and they will negotiate your salary for you and highlight the reason why you are the right candidate for the job.

Using a technical recruiter is a smart and savvy way to enter a competitive job market. Connect with me today and let me help with your tech job search in Las Vegas!

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Turkey Trot 12k in Vegas

14 Dec

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate what we have and to be thankful for the countless opportunities in life. Before digging into the feast with my family, I had the chance to be thankful for my health, my strength and my fitness at the Las Vegas Turkey Trot. The 12k Turkey Trot marked a significant personal milestone for me as it was my furthest distance to date. Best of all, I had fun and the support of my family and friends, all while working harder than ever to achieve my goals.

Qualifying Times for Disneyland’s Half Marathon

My overall running goal is to complete a half marathon next May. Running a full 13.1 miles is no easy task, but it is an accomplishment I’m willing to work hard for. In order to be in the right starting corral for the race, I need to have a qualifying time that represents my speed and ability. The qualifying event I selected was the Las Vegas Turkey Trot, which stretches for 12 kilometers on the Historic Railroad Trail. I achieved my goal of running the entire distance and submitting my official pace in order to participate in the half marathon. Knowing that I’m one step closer to getting there is an exciting thought and one step closer to being able to check another item off my bucket list!

A New PR

For a runner, there are two particularly exciting moments in racing. One is getting a PR for time. The other is getting a PRD, or personal distance record, which means you have run further than you have ever run before. Prior to the Turkey Trot, I had to date run five and a half miles during one run outside. I’m so proud to report that I finished this 12k on Thanksgiving Day, just under seven and a half miles, while running it in its entirety. This just renews my confidence than in a few short months, I’ll be ready to tackle 13.1 miles on my quest to complete a half marathon.

The Ultimate Finish

Running through the scenic Hoover Dam landscape starting at 8:00am was amazing (the getting up in order to be there by then may not have been), and running further than ever before was a confidence boost.

The Las Vegas Turkey Trot 12k will definitely go down in history as a goal crushing experience and it served as my preparation for my ultimate goal: to complete in the Disney Tinkerbell half marathon in May.

The best part of that race, however, was crossing the finish line. Since there were no spectators on the course, I had to wait until the very end to see the people I love most in the world: my husband, my best friend and my 16-month-old son.

LV Action Images: RMT Outbound &emdash; Turkey Trot 2015_JayneFurman-5740

LV Action Images: Lake View &emdash; Turkey Trot 2015_JayneFurman-7119

Product Review: Elta MD UV Daily

2 Jul

I was fortunate enough to try a sample of Elta MD’s UV Daily moisturizer and quickly realized that UV Daily is a FANTASTIC product.

Not only do I have the luxury of sampling many skin care products due to my industry, but I know enough about skin care to know when it’s all talk and no walk. Elta MD talks the talk and walks the walk.

My skin tends to border on combination/oily, but the desert air lends to a dry condition – which makes it difficult to find a moisturizer to combat all of my skin’s needs. UV Daily not only provides the sun protection that I need in the Las Vegas heat, but it moisturizes my skin without leaving that greasy feeling behind.

I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for an spf that packs a higher punch than the “usual” spf15 that I see in a majority of the skin care products today. Elta MD is a great all-around product and their line has a product for every skin type and most skin conditions that I could see. The team that created this product clearly knows their skin care. EltaMD-EltaMD-UV-Daily-SPF-40-228x228

Captain Adventures

16 Feb

What do you do when you foster a dog for a week and then fall in love with him? One guess….yep, you got it! You adopt him. When I decided to foster an abandoned dog it was because I had the time and the resources to do so, being that I was unemployed. What better time to be a foster parent, right?! Well, what I didn’t expect was to be given the best dog in the entire universe to foster. Little did I know that when I took this guy home, I would be met with an angel dog. I honestly thought he would be a 1 or 2 week project, but it was only a matter of time until he turned into much more than a project.

The dog I took home, Captain, has part Shih-Tzu and part Dauschund blood. I’ve never had a mixed dog before, nor have I ever taken care of a rescue before. I was under the impression that he might be a little misbehaved due to abandonment or lack of routine. WRONG! The dog never barks, he’s fully potty trained, plays well with animals and humans, and he loves to snuggle.

After making the decision to keep him (there was no chance I could let someone else take care of this dog when I fell in love), the first thing I did was get him groomed. He was even CUTER after he was washed and cut. All I ever hear from my friends now is how much they want to keep him. Well, TOO BAD! He’s alllll mine. I love that everyone can see just how fantastic he is and I know he feels the love since he’s not moving from home to home. He’s exactly where he should be, which is in my arms.

Post-haircut Captain

Post-haircut Captain

The best thing about Captain is that he made best friends with a stuffed panda. He literally takes the Panda everywhere with him – the bed, the couch, outside to potty, everywhere!! I went a little crazy with the toys because I wanted him to be happy, so I bought all sorts of goodies – balls, squeaky toys, Nyla-bones, the whole 9. He loves his Panda so much that he will “share” his toys with Panda.

How cute is that? It’s like he does cute things purposely to prove that I made the right decision. Every day he does something else that confirms my decision to keep him. It’s my first experience with adoption and rescue, but the best experience so far.

Panda enjoying the bone that Captain shared with him

Panda enjoying his bone that Captain shared

I continue to volunteer for Those Left Behind Foundation and some of the dogs there have the exact same story – cute, loveable, smart, and sweet – but unless people look past the scruff and the initial shyness these dogs have, they may never see the ‘Captain’ within.