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Life Is Good!

4 Nov

To clear up any rumors… My recent absence has not been because I am a spy on assignment, even though I could totally rock that! And it’s not because I am busy taking over the world; if I wanted to, it wouldn’t take this long. Lol. The truth is I have been very busy with the many changes in my life. It would be easy to say that my life is finally getting back to normal, but who am I kidding? My life will never be the same. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Having a baby changes EVERYTHING in your life! As many of you know, I had a baby boy in July and my world has become very much about him. I have been focused on my family and the normal daily to-do lists of any American Mom. As I mentioned before, my life will never be normal again but I like this “new normal”.

I have a healthy boy who is growing every day. It has been incredible seeing the changes and cherishing every moment. My bundle of joy is sleeping through the night which has been a nice change of pace. I can actually reacquaint myself with the back of my eyelids. Of course, having the best husband in the world has made this journey much more manageable. Thank you, hubby! And our final member of the family has been great with our baby boy. Our rescue dog, Captain, was curious at first but quickly accepted the situation. We are one big, happy family!!

My personal attention is most definitely on my health. I gained 70 lbs. during my pregnancy and I have been working hard on my fitness to lose that extra weight. I am not where I want to be but I am looking forward and not back. Of course, being able to sleep through the night has helped with exercising on a regular basis. I am determined to get back into my clothes and resume my active life. But primarily, I want to be healthy. That’s definitely my goal.

Eyebrows! Eyebrows! Eyebrows! Yes, I am still obsessed with eyebrows! I still have a passion to create perfectly shaped eyebrows. I am still practicing eyebrow waxing and makeup applications when I’m not working my regular job. That is still dear to my heart. I am taking appointments so get in touch with me if you need my assistance.

So to sum it all up… I AM BACK! Life is a lot different. Our family is a little larger. My husband is wonderful. I’m working my way back into shape. And of course, EYEBROWS…need I say more?

Thanks for walking this journey with me! I look forward to what is right around the bend!


Under Pressure

1 Oct

I find myself with (finally) some time to add to my blog. It’s been far too long since I’ve had time to adequately devote myself to journaling/blogging for my own purposes. But, here I am, once again, ready to put all of my thoughts onto….a screen? Well, you know what I mean, I’m back!

What’s new with me?

-I have grown as a person, as a woman, and as a friend in leaps in bounds (just trust me on this one!)

-I still love Glee, but I’m heartbroken that Finn is actually dead. So sad!

-I got married!

What should I write about now that I have all of this extra time on my hands? I am open to suggestions and comments, so please use the boxes below and let me know if I could add any valuable Internet real-estate with my words of wisdom and/or experience on anything at all.

Until then,…I’ll rack my own brain for tidbits of info that may be useful to my group of readers. Feels good to be back!



2 Feb

It’s been far too long since I’ve had a makeup job and I’m starting to get withdrawals. I’m supposed to do makeup on a photoshoot for a potential advertisement in a VERY new and well known casino (can’t spill the beans!) at some point in February. The problem with large productions such as this is that they tend to get pushed back. I’m chomping at the bit to get to work and add to my portfolio.

On that note, I was going through my portfolio today and I had to say I was impressed.  I don’t consider it narcassistic to like your work, but there are certain photos that I am amazed by. The part of my conscience that doubts my abilities wonders if the picture is so phenomenal because of the model, or maybe the photographer, but then the other part of me realizes that without the red lips I put on the model or the PERFECT eyebrow that I created, the look just wouldn’t be the same. It is so interesting to see how far I’ve progressed since I started doing makeup. Watching your own skill grow throughout different photos is truly a great experience.

I am really happy to be at a place in my life where I can pursue my passions and I have the ability to dabble in the things that I love to do. I have a feeling that when I look back at my life in 50 years or so, I’m going to remember the “Good ‘ol days when I was a makeup artist” with incredibly fond memories.




Makeup and a Smile

2 Feb

Big hopes and dreams are part of my regular repertoire. This seemed very appropriate for my hopeful dreams that have been abundant today:

Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I’m just a girl who wishes for the world.” -Marilyn Monroe