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Technical Recruiting

12 Jun

Trying to find a new or different career in tech? Finding a career in the world of tech may not be challenging, but finding the RIGHT career for you, may be. While there are many positions available, the industry is competitive and you need to stand out and impress hiring managers. Working with a technical recruiter is your way to get your resume in front of the right person. Don’t let your applications fall into the abyss of the internet. You can get scheduled for meaningful interviews and create the right connections when you have a technical recruiter on your side.

Want the run down on technical recruiting? Here are some key facts you should know as you begin your job search.

Technical Recruiters vs. Non-Specialized Recruiters

Whether you’re looking for a niche career path or you’re struggling to find the right career in your field, turning to a recruitment professional is a logical choice. Although some job applicants believe all recruiters are essentially the same, the fact is that tech recruiters have a unique skill set. Not only are they familiar with the tech jobs in your area and what companies are hiring, they likely have a familiarity with the tech industry. They will be able to “speak your language” to a certain degree and they will be able to discern the right job based on your skill set. Technical recruiters will understand the culture fit that works for both you and your future employer. Truth is, working with a technical recruiter makes for a better chance of getting you the job you truly want.

Crafting a Tech-Friendly Resume

One of the many responsibilities of a technical recruiter is ensuring that their candidates resume is “user-friendly”. Along with routine actions like checking for typos and grammatical errors, this involves creating a cohesive resume that will speak to tech professionals. Resume formatting is key, but make sure you are using buzz words in the right places (usually at the top). A technical recruiter knows what a strong tech resume should look like. Reach out and ask!

Tech Recruiters Handle the Networking for Candidates

Even when you have the right experience, the right credentials and the right work ethic, turning a collection of traits into a secure job offer isn’t easy. Technical recruiters work hard to network for you, ultimately putting you in touch with hiring managers and companies that are looking for your unique set of tech skills and abilities.

 Recruiters are Advocates for Their Clients

Even if you are starting the job search on your own, working with a technical recruiter will almost certainly improve the kind of package you receive. A recruiter is your advocate, they have exclusive job opportunities with their clients that you may never see, and they will negotiate your salary for you and highlight the reason why you are the right candidate for the job.

Using a technical recruiter is a smart and savvy way to enter a competitive job market. Connect with me today and let me help with your tech job search in Las Vegas!

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16 Jan

One of the resumes that I sent in today asked for a cover letter that stood out. They said a short story could do the trick or a poem but uniqueness was definitely encouraged.

I was thinking to myself, “Self, what would really standout?” Self: “Your fat story?” So, I contemplated on my short story of being 300 lbs at one point and the journey on that road. But then I quickly realized that’s not so much of a short story as it is a novel. Then I invoked inspiration from what I’ve been doing since I have been on the unemployed track and a great poem idea came to mind. TV!! Inspiration from obscene amounts of television! Who says it kills brain cells??

Albeit super corny and cheesy (mind you, I threw it together in minutes), it also made me crack a smile. I would never submit this for a poetry competition but my aim was to stand out and I think it might work.


I’ll be making waves,
Inspiration for days.
Charisma with ease,
Humble indeed.
Full of personality,
I’m worth the salary.
A true fashion strutter,
I’m like no other.
I’m here to open doors.
Sincerely yours, Vanessa.