Two Weeks on the Keto Diet: My Experience

13 Jun

I’ve tried more than my share of diets in the past, but none of those past experiences can compare to the keto diet. Two weeks ago, I began the keto diet. This lifestyle attempts to get you in ketosis, where you’ll burn stored fat for energy rather than carbohydrates or glucose.

I followed the keto plan religiously and began the low-carb, moderate protein and high-fat way of eating, and initially I felt like I had been hit like a truck! These were not the results I had been hoping for and I had a moment of regret. I felt like a had a cold, I experienced a lingering headache and I just felt tired all the time. But once I got past it after a few days, it was like a switch was flipped inside of me. What I know know to be keto flu symptoms disappeared, and I felt better than I had in years – decades even.

I have always struggled with joint pain, especially in my ankle and knee, and that aching feeling went away seemingly overnight. I no longer felt stiff in the mornings, and I felt like my gym visits were easier to get through. My concentration increased, and I no longer feel that slump in the mid-afternoon, when I would normally feel like taking a nap or eating a snack.

Obviously, these changes can be attributed to my new lifestyle – the low-carb, high-fat choices I’m making with all my meals. But to help me get there, I also relied on Keto-OS. Made by Pruvit, Keto-OS is a supplement that contains exogenous ketones.

When you avoid carbs for a while, your body has to begin looking for alternative sources of energy. Burning fat as a source of energy can result in ketones. Taking Keto-OS by Pruvit speeds up the process by providing the body with a readily available source of exogenous ketones.

Keto-OS is packed with medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTS, as well as mineral salts. MCTS are what you’ll find naturally in coconut oil, and mineral salts are a great source of electrolytes. Both of these are crucial components to getting in keto and then staying there. Best of all, Keto-OS comes in two varieties: Charged, with caffeine, and a caffeine-free version as an alternative. I’ve been so pleased with the results, that I can’t wait to share it with friends and have them experience the benefits of the keto lifestyle!*

*If you’re interested in reading more about this fabulous product, please visit or send me an email at


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